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WISH is an entirely youth-led community organization that focuses on women’s rights and empowerment. You can read about some of the advocacy work that we do below.

About Us

Our Mission

We aim to empower and uplift underprivileged girls through free summer camps and mentorships that focus on building sisterhood, support, and community. We work to instill valuable life skills of confidence, compassion, and creativity in the girls that we work with, and equip them with experiences and knowledge that will make them successful and help them achieve their goals in the future.

The WISH program has brought confidence and positivity into my life. My FaceTime calls with my mentor help me acknowledge the problems women face in their daily lives and how we can solve and overcome them. This motivates me to never give up and always believe in what I think is right. I strive for greatness! I feel like a great person now; I’m very persistent and share my positive energy with others. I want everyone to be happy and have self-confidence, just like I got it from the WISH program, which I’m very thankful for. I’m very grateful for my amazing mentor and her great advice. Just being a part of the WISH program makes me feel honored!

Katherine Rivera, eighth grader at Project Chrysalis Middle School and WISH mentee

WISH is a phenomenal organization. It’s great to see the impact we’re making on the girls we support, and it’s really uplifting to know that we’re contributing to a good cause. The volunteers and organization members are all so nice, and I really enjoy connecting with them.

Sofia Pham, Vice President of WISH