About Us

Aarushi Pant, Founder & President, Journalism Instructor

Aarushi Pant is a junior at Carnegie Vanguard High School who is very passionate about issues such as climate change and women’s rights. Aarushi has been involved in journalism for over four years, and is an InnovaYouth iJournalist intern, a freelance journalist on Medium, and a member of the politics team at Rhino Press. She loves reading, singing, listening to music, and dancing in her free time.

Sofia Pham, Vice President, Creative Writing Instructor

Sofia Pham is a junior at Seven Lakes High School, an active member of Feminism Club and National Honor Society, and a Student Hero at the Houston Food Bank. A creative individual, she has published work in the Seven Lakes Junior High newspaper, the Saga, and will be featured in Canvas Literary Journal’s Summer 2019 issue.

Sandhya Maddali, Poetry Instructor

Sandhya Maddali is a junior at Carnegie Vanguard High School who has been passionate about writing since she was in elementary school. Her true favorite form is creative writing, and she is excited to share this love with y’all. She loves hanging out with her dog, being with family and friends, reading, listening to music, and, of course, writing!

Kemi Airewele, Coding Instructor

Kemi Airewele is a freshman at the University of Texas at Dallas and has been coding since 7th grade. She’s created a variety of apps that serve to help the community.  Her past projects have spanned from assisting children with sickle cell in developing countries to serving the families of autistic children. She has also worked as Editor-in-Chief for her school’s yearbook and created an iOS Augmented Reality app that supplements how students consume the book’s pictures with videos. In her free time, she enjoys developing apps, making LED Halloween costumes, taking photos, and playing volleyball. 

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